Interior paint colors can help set the mood of a room. For example, the walls in our kitchen are a warm, brick color reminiscent of a brick oven. During winter months, its very cozy and welcoming. We love entertaining in the kitchen.

Our bedroom has classic pale blue walls, in a soft, soothing color. Although we have not repainted recently, I would probably choose a warmer color, like a soft butter yellow. The tone would literally warm up the room and it might feel less chilly than it does right now.

In the playroom, we've used bright, cheery colors on the walls. Using a chair rail, only the top half of the walls are painted, with the bottom half covered in white beadboard. This prevents the loud colors from feeling overwhelming.

The guest bathroom is painted a deep eggplant, which lends a luxurious, pampered feel to the room.

But the walls in our own rhino coating bathroom match those in our bedroom. The two rooms are adjoining, and the continuous "soothing" blue paint actually makes the two spaces feel more expansive.

No matter the color you like best, interior paint is an affordable home improvement project!